Dr. Eggman 2
Doctor Eggman
Background information
Debuted In Sonic The Hedgehog (1991)
Feature films Wreck it Ralph
Television programs Sonic Boom
Video games Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I, Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations, Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games
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Portrayed by Deem Bristow 1999-2005

Mike Pollock 2005-present

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Voice Mike Pollock 2005-present
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Full name
Other names
Appearance Pair of Pince-nez glasses with navy blue tinted lenses
  • Grey Hexagonal-shaped, protective goggles
  • Red turtleneck jacket/coat with white trim, large yellow cuffs with triangular notches cut into the side of each cuff and gold box-compartment accessories
  • Black contoured, form-fitting one-piece pants/boots seemly made of latex with gray/silver accents and large silver buttons attaching his red coat to the pants in front
  • White, cuff less gloves with a black-lined rectangle motif over the top of the hand,Formerly:
  • pair of Pince-nez glasses with blue tinted lenses
  • Red jacket with golden wrist button
  • Small yellow cape with triangulars collar stretching down to the edge of his pants in the front
  • Black contoured, form-fitting one-piece pants/boots with two silver buttons in front
Relatives Gerald Robotnik grandfather

Maria Robotnik cousin Eggman Nega future descendant

Powers and abilities Bombardment

Doctor Ivo Robotnik|ドクター・ロボトニック|Dokutā Robotonikku}}, better known by the alias Doctor Eggman[1]|ドクター・エッグマン|Dokutā Egguman}} is the main antagonist in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is the arch-nemesis of Sonic the Hedgehog and the primary villain of the franchise. An obese scientist with an IQ of 300 who dreams of dominating the world, his constant plots to create his Eggman Empire are endlessly thwarted by Sonic and his friends.

While the doctor's plans initially consisted of building up incredible armies by turning animals into robots and using them to dominate the land, Dr. Eggman's schemes have since branched into much more global threats as he built war machines, used nuclear devices to threaten entire nations, and even relied on mythological and ancient creatures bent on destruction to achieve his goals. Eventually, the mad scientist has gone as far as to target the entire universe and cooked up schemes to control time and space itself.

While all these plans end in failure thanks to the continued efforts of Sonic and his friends, the mad doctor is somehow always able to slip away from certain death or arrest and escape at the last moment, making him a constant threat to the universe and a thorn in Sonic's side.

Concept and CreationEdit

File:Robotnik 50.png

In the month April 1990, Sega petitioned its research and development department, AM8 (later became Sonic Team), to create a character who would replace Alex Kidd as the company's mascot, as well as compete against Nintendo's flagship character, Mario. A caricature of Theodore Roosevelt in pajamas was among the proposed designs. Combined with the idea of an egg-shaped character, it eventually became the basis of the visual design for Dr. Eggman. In creating the "bad guy" for the Sonic series, the development team wanted a character who was "the opposite of Sonic"; a character who represented "machinery" and "development" to play on the then-growing debate between developers and environmentalists. The character was also designed to be easy for children to draw.


The original English instruction manual for his 1991 debut game Sonic the Hedgehog described the character's full name as "Doctor Ivo Robotnik" while the Japanese version's instruction manual for the same game called him "Doctor Eggman". In 1999's Sonic Adventure, the character was called both "Doctor Robotnik" and "Doctor Eggman" in the English version, with all following English releases to date referring to him as "Doctor Eggman". Yuji Naka has explained that Robotnik is the character's true last name while Eggman is a "common name taken after his shape." While the Robotnik name is still occasionally recognized, Eggman's profiles such as the one on the Japanese Sonic Channel and Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II list his full birth name as unknown.


In childhood, the young Robotnik looked up to his grandfather, Professor Gerald Robotnik as a hero, and believed him to be a great man who had done his best to help mankind and was unfairly executed. From this, the good doctor likely viewed the government as corrupt, and in any case, decided to follow in his grandfather's footsteps to become a scientist. But somewhere along the line, he became obsessed with the idea of a world under his rule, and using his unmatched mechanical genius, began his plans. Long before the first Sonic game, Eggman met the hedgehog, and the two became instant rivals. Over the years, he created several deadly creations, and, realizing the hedgehog's determination was as fierce as his own in overcoming them, gained a respect for his adversary. When he accidentally found his grandfather's diary, he was led on an adventure that would show him that his grandfather was perhaps not as innocent as he had thought. Usually Eggman will try to side with a really powerful being that ends in betrayal. Recently, his plans have been increasingly hindered by outside forces, but this has given him chances to show his hatred of things that would threaten the entire human race, and consequently threaten his plans.

The Games BeginEdit

Robotnik’s first appearance was in the 1991 platform game Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. He attempted to conquer the world by turning the animals of South Island into robots, obtaining the powerful Chaos Emeralds to rule the world and building devices to stop Sonic. Launching a full scale assault on the planet, Eggman was able to seize control over countless cities, factories, and lands, and transformed them into his image and polluted the very environment with his fortresses and strongholds. Building up his army into unlimited numbers, Eggman forced them to search for the Chaos Emeralds and build weapons of mass destruction so that his dominance would never be challenged. Luckily, Sonic the Hedgehog sped to the rescue, defeated Robotnik, saved the animals from roboticization, and got the Chaos Emeralds.

The Ultimate Weapon: The Death EggEdit

In the 1992 sequel Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Sega Mega Drive, the notorious Robotnik returned to create the Death Egg, a huge, orbital space station in order to achieve world domination. He attacked West Side Island, turning its animals into robots and searching for all seven Chaos Emeralds. He was intercepted by Sonic and Tails who saved the animals and retrieved the Chaos Emeralds before the evil scientist. Sonic raided the Death Egg, defeating Robotnik again and sending the Death Egg crashing back to Earth.

The Master EmeraldEdit

In Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and its expansion Sonic & Knuckles (both released in 1994), Robotnik managed to land the Death Egg on the legendary Angel Island and tricked the island’s guardian, Knuckles the Echidna into thinking Sonic and Tails are villains after the powerful Master Emerald that Knuckles protects with his life, knowing that Sonic will not be far behind to finish his old nemesis once and for all. Eggman states that he is a noble scientist who seeks to use his scientific knowledge to better the world with the use of his space station, the Death Egg. He claims that Sonic stole the seven chaos emeralds from the land and used them to destroy his scientific achievements for his own ends.

Knuckles believes in Eggman's deception and allows him to construct a launch base to repair his space station and build up his army to assist as well. The pair then make their plans to steal the Chaos Emeralds from Sonic and combine them with the energies of the Master Emerald to create the Super Chaos Emeralds and use them to defeat Sonic. However, Eggman was truly planning on killing Knuckles once he served his usefulness and steal both the emeralds and the Master Emerald to repair his Death Egg and possess unlimited power.

Knuckles steals the Chaos Emeralds from Sonic when he first arrives, places them in strategic locations to be given to Eggman later, and hinders the hedgehog throughout his journey. Eggman, in the meantime, constructs fortresses and strongholds throughout the island and builds up his army again with the use of the island's animals. When Sonic arrives on the island, Eggman launches a full scale assault that destroys a large portion of the island's jungles and begins his battles with Sonic anew.

Through several more battles, Robotnik is again defeated again when Sonic rushes to the Launch Base Zone and prevents the Death Egg from relaunching. Robotnik manages to steal the Master Emerald during a fight between Sonic and Knuckles and gets the Death Egg into space once again. With help from now-ally Knuckles, Sonic is able to chase the madman into space and Sonic completely destroys the Death Egg. Robotnik makes one last chance to escape with the Master Emerald, but is defeated by Hyper Sonic, and his ambition once again thwarted.

Back to the Drawing BoardEdit

Dr. Eggman appeared in the episodic Sonic the Hedgehog 4, forming a bridge between the classic and modern series. In Episode I, he merely captured forest animals to power his Badniks and redesign select inventions to be trickier than ever for Sonic to handle. His master plan comes together a few months later in Episode II - he resurrected Metal Sonic, who was defeated during the events of Sonic the Hedgehog CD (which occurred at some unspecified point in the classic series), and once again set his eyes on the mystical Little Planet as it makes its annual return to earth. Sonic hears that Eggman is back, and reunites with Tails to stop him together. Meanwhile, Metal Sonic searches for the heroes and sees them fly away in the Tornado, and follows them using Tails' Rocket. Towards the end of the game, Sonic and Tails find that the Little Planet has sustained in a remarkable sphere known as the Death Egg mk.II. Fortunately, Sonic and Tails once again beat Metal Sonic at his own game, and the heart of the base was destroyed, deactivating the space station as it harmlessly floats in space.

Ancient MonsterEdit

After these devastating defeats at Sonic's hands, Eggman's power was diminished a great deal, his forces were largely destroyed, and the villain was no closer to achieving his goal of world domination. Desperate to find alternative means to resume his plans and dominate everything, Dr. Eggman, at some time prior to the events of Sonic Adventure, had set up shop in the Mystic Ruins. It was here that he discovered the ancient ruined temple left behind by the echidna race and the stone tablets describing the ancient 'God of Destruction', a being known to the echidnas as Chaos.

After studying the tablets, Dr. Eggman learned that Chaos still existed within the Master Emerald, located on Angel Island; the doctor had found the perfect means to conquer the world that didn't rely solely on his machinery. He took his new airborne battleship, the Egg Carrier, to the island in hopes of releasing Chaos from his prison. A swift long-range attack from the Carrier shattered the Master Emerald to pieces and thus released the liquid creature, as well as the spirit of Tikal, princess of the echidnas (though Eggman was unaware of her existence).

Having released Chaos, Eggman expected the creature to aid him in his goal of world domination. In order to strengthen the creature, Eggman immediately began seeking the Chaos Emeralds which he would allow Chaos to consume, thereby becoming more powerful. The first Chaos Emerald was taken from Tails, who had accidentally found it while testing a new plane. The second Emerald Eggman stole from Sonic (who had won it in Casinopolis) by ambushing him outside the casino in Station Square. Eggman continued to observe the activities of Sonic and Tails who were frantically trying to gather the Emeralds to prevent him from empowering Chaos, and also managed to fool Knuckles (again) into thinking that they were trying to interfere with his mission to collect the Master Emerald shards (Knuckles initially mistook Robotnik's Chaos Emerald for a Master Emerald shard, which Eggman promptly used to his advantage). Sonic and Knuckles ran into each other in the Mystic Ruins where Knuckles - believing Sonic to be carrying Master Emerald pieces - attacked Sonic and Tails. Sonic and Tails dropped the Chaos Emeralds they had collected after colliding with Knuckles, and Dr. Eggman was there waiting for them. He took both Emeralds and fed them to Chaos, who transformed into his fourth phase.

The doctor obtained two more Chaos Emeralds by sending his E-100 robots to hunt down Froggy who had swallowed an Emerald (and also Chaos's tail) and by capturing Amy Rose and her little Flicky friend (which kept a Chaos Emerald inside its locket). With six of the gems in his possession and all his enemies assembled on the Egg Carrier, Eggman nearly raised Chaos to perfect level. However, due to the efforts of Sonic, Knuckles and Big the Cat (and to his own bungling by using freezing weapons) Eggman lost the Emeralds when Chaos was apparently destroyed, still no match for Sonic despite having six Emeralds powering him.

The Egg Carrier was heavily damaged by the fighting and crashed just off the coast of Station Square. Having lost his ship and Chaos, Dr. Eggman resorted to launching a nuclear missile in order to destroy Station Square. The missile failed to detonate on impact, and was disarmed completely by Tails. In anger, Eggman attacked Tails in his Egg Walker machine. Tails managed to defeat him, however, and the doctor retreated to his Final Egg base in the Mystic Ruins where he would regroup and begin concocting new ways to destroy Station Square.

As he returned to his base, Eggman was pursued by Sonic (who had landed in the jungle after attacking Eggman as he fled the falling Egg Carrier). Eggman engaged in one final showdown with Sonic in his base, using his newest mecha - the Egg Viper. This failed to defeat Sonic also and was destroyed, and Eggman's base was leveled.

Retreating through the jungle, Eggman discovered Chaos had survived his battle on the Egg Carrier. Chaos had gone rogue and attacked Eggman, who fled toward Angel Island to seek help from Knuckles. Chaos followed him there and found six of the Chaos Emeralds (Knuckles had retrieved them after beating Chaos on the Egg Carrier), taking them all and knocking out both Knuckles and Eggman. Sonic and Tails arrived shortly after to investigate why Angel Island had not yet ascended back into the sky, and found Knuckles and the doctor unconscious. When he recovered, Eggman vowed to take revenge on Chaos and set off back to his ruined base, where a back-up Egg Carrier was docked.

When Chaos became Perfect Chaos after consuming the last Emerald, the monster traveled to Station Square and flooded the city, leaving it in ruins. Eggman attacked Chaos in the Egg Carrier 2 but the attack had no effect, and with one blast, Perfect Chaos managed to destroy Eggman's ship. The doctor was sent hurtling off into the clouds screaming, only turning up again just in time to witness Sonic's victory against Chaos, granting him silent acknowledgment before flying away in his Eggmobile.

The Ultimate Life FormEdit

In Sonic Adventure 2, Dr. Eggman discovered the existence of Project Shadow by accidentally coming across the long-forgotten diary of his grandfather, Professor Gerald Robotnik. In the diary, the professor spoke of a classified military research project that was shut down because the United Federation government feared its misuse. Eager to see just what his childhood hero had produced, Eggman found that the weapon was stored away on Prison Island, a military compound controlled by G.U.N.

Dr. Eggman attacked Prison Island and broke into the underground base with his new Egg Walker. Happening upon the cryogenic vault where Prof. Gerald's weapon was sealed, Eggman used his grandfather's password: MARIA, the name of Gerald's granddaughter and Eggman's late cousin, then inserted a Chaos Emerald into the control console (where he got the Emerald is unknown). The vault opened, releasing the ultimate life-form: Shadow the Hedgehog.

Eggman mistook Shadow for Sonic at first glance, but Shadow, in gratitude for being released, offered to grant Eggman one wish. Their meeting was interrupted by one of G.U.N.'s Big Foot mechas, which Shadow quickly engaged and easily destroyed. Shadow then fled Prison Island, telling Eggman to bring him more Chaos Emeralds and that he would be waiting aboard the Space Colony ARK.

Eggman headed back to his pyramid base and encountered Rouge the Bat and Knuckles the Echidna along the way, who were fighting over the Master Emerald. Eggman attempted to steal it, but Knuckles shattered it to pieces to prevent its theft. Not really needing the Master Emerald at that time, Eggman returned to his base and caught up on the news. A newsflash announcing the theft of a Chaos Emerald from Central City's federal reserve bank caught the doctor's attention, and although the media and public had identified the suspect as Sonic, Eggman knew it could only be Shadow.

Using his base's space transporter, Dr. Eggman beamed himself to the Space Colony ARK to meet with Shadow. There, Shadow revealed the Eclipse Cannon, a weapon of mass destruction capable of destroying a planet or piercing a star. The cannon required the seven Chaos Emeralds to meet its immense power demands, and two had already been installed. Rouge the Bat - who had boarded the ARK by sneaking into Eggman's pyramid and accessing his transporter - had provided a third emerald for the Eclipse Cannon. Although Eggman was suspicious of her motives, she had provided another emerald and was offering to help him obtain the others. Eggman agreed to let Rouge join him and Shadow in their hunt.

Three more Chaos Emeralds were discovered on Prison Island, locked away in G.U.N.'s high-security vault. Dr. Eggman organized a strategy that would allow him and his cohorts to obtain them. His part in the plan was to divert G.U.N.'s forces so that Rouge could enter the vaults unnoticed and Shadow could plant high explosives in the armory. When the trio made their move, they were interrupted by the untimely arrival of Amy Rose, who had mistaken Shadow for Sonic. Eggman moved in to try and kill Amy but was stopped by Tails and his new Cyclone walker. Running on a strict timetable, Eggman let Tails and Amy live and made his escape.

The mission was a success despite certain delays and the group succeeded in stealing the Chaos Emeralds and destroying the G.U.N. base. With six Chaos Emeralds now powering the Eclipse Cannon, Dr. Eggman announced to the world that the Eggman Empire would arise and dominate the Earth. To prove his power, Eggman pointed the Eclipse Cannon at the moon and fired, blowing it in half. Eggman then delivered his ultimatum to the President of the United Federation: the UF had 24 hours to surrender or Eggman would destroy the entire country. While delivering his ultimatum, Sonic intervened and discovered where Eggman was hiding.

When Sonic and his friends attacked Dr. Eggman's pyramid, the doctor unleashed his mighty Egg Golem robot to destroy Sonic. A battle ensued and Sonic damaged a restraining mechanism on the giant's head, causing it to malfunction and attack Eggman. Eggman was forced to defend himself and destroy the Egg Golem, giving Sonic's gang the time they needed to hijack the doctor's space shuttle. Eggman later returned to the ARK after detecting two Chaos Emerald signatures, believing that Sonic must have a decoy as well as the real one. When he returned to the colony, Eggman took Amy hostage and held her at gunpoint, demanding that Sonic and Tails meet him in the ARK's main laboratory. When they arrived, Eggman ordered Sonic to place the Chaos Emerald in the center of the room. Believing it to be the fake emerald (a belief that was also unwittingly confirmed by Tails when asking him how he deduced it), Eggman then sprung his trap and sealed Sonic inside a containment capsule. The capsule was ejected into space where it exploded, seemingly killing Sonic instantly.

With his arch-rival out of the way, Eggman turned his attention to Tails and the two battled each other in their walkers. Eggman somehow managed to come out of the fight with the real Chaos Emerald and installed it into the Eclipse Cannon, although he later reported to Shadow that someone (Sonic) was making his way to the Eclipse cannon. As he laughed in triumph, danger signs appeared on every monitor on the colony, followed by an image of the late Gerald Robotnik. A message left behind by the professor stated that the world had sentenced him to death, and that he would have his revenge by destroying the Earth. A program within the colony's main computer had been activated which would destabilize the ARK's orbit and send it crashing into the planet, wiping out all life.

Eggman convened with the heroes (and was visibly annoyed to see that Sonic was still alive) and showed them Gerald's diary. He then informed them that the Eclipse Cannon's core had overloaded with Chaos energy and the collision would obliterate the entire planet. The doctor was the one who suggested that they all work together to try and neutralize the Chaos Emeralds and stop the ARK's collision. Of course, this was no doubt due to the fact that Eggman couldn't take over the world if there's no world. With Eggman monitoring the ARK's layout and guiding the others down their respective paths, he, Sonic and the others managed to stop the ARK and save the world from certain doom.

Metal's Mutiny and Minor VillainEdit

File:Eggman heroes.png

In Sonic Heroes, Dr. Eggman constructs a massive fleet of battleships called the Egg Fleet, and at the heart of this fleet is a flagship even larger than the Egg Carrier. He planned to use this fleet to conquer the world in 3 days, but was locked away in his own flagship by Metal Sonic, who impersonated him and took command of his fleet. Dr. Eggman then enlisted the assistance of Team Chaotix in order to break free, communicating to them by walkie-talkie, giving them their objective for the respective level. By the time he was freed, Metal Sonic had transformed into Metal Madness. Dr. Eggman assessed that they would need the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds to defeat him (which Team Sonic, Team Dark, Team Rose, and Team Chaotix coincidentally had possession of). After Metal Sonic was defeated, Dr. Eggman tried to sneak away from the Chaotix without paying and was seen being chased by them. It is unknown if they got their money or not.

Black Arms InvasionEdit

During Black Doom's invasion of Earth, Eggman initially observed the fighting taking place between the aliens and G.U.N. Realising that the conflict would surely result in total destruction and thus leave nothing left for Eggman to conquer, the doctor mobilized his army and launched his fleet to destroy the Black Arms. Eggman found himself under attack from all sides; G.U.N., the Black Arms and Sonic and his friends were all interfering with his operations amongst fighting each other as well.

Eggman saw a potential trump card in Shadow and hoped to manipulate the amnesiac hedgehog into assisting him. Ultimately, the doctor's plan failed, and he was forced to confront Shadow himself. He attempted to further confuse Shadow by telling him that he had no past and that he was one of the doctor's new line of combat androids built in the original Shadow's image. He later attempted to convince Shadow not to supply the Chaos Emeralds to Black Doom, alongside Knuckles, Sonic, Rouge, Tails, and Amy, although he ultimately failed, and was left to be consumed by the Death Leeches after inhaling specialized gasses that were emitted by the Black Comet when it was warped to Earth, although he and the others later escaped as Shadow confronted Black Doom's true form Devil Doom. He also heard Gerald's final message to Shadow regarding the imminent invasion of the Black Arms fifty years later, and deduced that his grandfather's plan involved the Eclipse Cannon. It was only after Shadow had learned the truth about his past from Black Doom that Eggman admitted that he was lying; he had, in fact, recovered Shadow after Sonic Adventure 2 and had kept him alive as a test subject. In the end, Eggman was chased by an irate Knuckles, who thinks that he's going to steal the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald again.

The Flames of DisasterEdit


Doctor Eggman appears in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) as the main antagonist of Sonic's story and as a minor villain in Shadow's story. Here, Eggman has been redesigned with a more realistic appearance. In this game, Eggman invades Soleanna and attempts to kidnap Princess Elise during the Festival of the Sun's opening ceremony in order to release the Flames of Disaster (aka Iblis), since Iblis was sealed away inside Elise's soul. He intends to use the Flames of Disaster in order to rule over time. During Sonic's story he repeatedly captures Elise, only to have her rescued by Sonic. At the end of Sonic's story, when the Egg Carrier is beginning to crash, he battles Sonic in the Egg Wyvern. Sonic defeats Eggman, causing him to go flying off into the sky as the ship crashes.

In Shadow's story, Eggman serves both as a villain and an ally. Before the events of the game, he had somehow gotten a hold of the Scepter of Darkness which contained Mephiles the Dark. Rouge the Bat had stolen it from him and Shadow was sent to rescue her. Eggman followed them to Kingdom Valley, demanding them to return the scepter, which ended in a struggle that caused the scepter to shatter. Eggman and his robots then retreated. He later appears when Shadow breaks into his personal train in order to learn the truth of the Solaris Project. Eggman makes a deal with Shadow that he will tell him about the project if he captures Mephiles and brings him to him.

Eggman does not appear again until the final story, where he and the rest of Sonic's friends (and Elise) have been sucked into the space rift that was created during the birth of Solaris, and states that Solaris can't be defeated since it exists in the past, present and future. Upon discovering that Sonic could be brought back to life with the power of the Chaos Emeralds, he aids the others by locating the Emeralds using a radar inside his glasses.

The King of EggmanlandEdit

In Sonic Rush, Eggman joins forces with his doppleganger, Dr. Eggman Nega, to steal all of the Sol Emeralds and Chaos Emeralds to form a world called Eggmanland. Unfortunately for them, Nega's nemesis, Blaze, came from the Sol Dimension and teamed up with Sonic the Hedgehog to beat them.

In Sonic Rush Adventure, Eggman joins forces with Eggman Nega once again, this time they make a crew of robotic pirates that stole Blaze's Jeweled Scepter along with the Chaos Emeralds and the Sol Emeralds, to form the Eggmanland again. However, the pirates were defeated by Sonic and Blaze and they reclaim the Jeweled Scepter. Although, it didn't take long for both Eggmans to steal the Scepter again and use it to power their Egg Wizard. They attempted to use it to unlock the "Power of the Stars", but the duo was defeated by Super Sonic and Burning Blaze. Although their mech, the Egg Wizard, was completely destroyed, Eggman was able to escape as usual.

In Sonic Unleashed, Eggman uses the power of Super Sonic to break the planet into peaces and awaken Dark Gaia and use its power to create Eggmanland. He also accidentally turns Sonic into a werehog by awakening Dark Gaia too early, but he quickly sent him falling down to the Earth with the drained Chaos Emeralds. This proved to be a fatal mistake when Sonic survived and restored the Emeralds' power to bring the pieces of the planet back together and beat his Egg Beetle, Egg Devil Ray and the Egg Lancer. However, the doctor managed to gather Dark Gaia's power before Sonic brought every piece of the world back together, and used it to power the Egg Dragoon and attack Sonic. Even when powered by Dark Gaia, Sonic proved too much and defeated Eggman. However, Dark Gaia then formed in front of them, and Eggman ordered it to attack Sonic. However, in a similar fashion to Chaos, Dark Gaia sent Dr. Eggman flying before fighting Sonic and Gaia Colossus. Sonic Unleashed marks the first time that Dr. Eggman actually realized Eggmanland, but later got destroyed by Sonic. Eggman himself survived Dark Gaia's attack and chased his sneering robot assistant Orbot into the sunrise.

Riding With the RidersEdit

In Sonic Riders, Dr. Eggman opens a stadium called the "EX World Grand Prix" in which Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose and the Babylon Rogues compete against each other. Whoever wins will get Chaos Emeralds, and to enter, that will cost one Chaos Emerald.

To get the Babylon Rogues to the race, Eggman had to hire them, he also told them that if they win, they will get a chance to get all seven Chaos Emeralds, since Jet wanted to awaken Babylon Garden with the power of all seven Chaos Emeralds they has accepted it. When Jet won against Sonic by cheating, Jet was able to use all of the Chaos Emeralds' power so that the Control Box can awaken Babylon. But apparently after awakening Babylon Eggman stole the Control Box for his own purpose. Thanks to Sonic, Eggman was defeated.

When the Babylon Rogues reached a secret area, by using the Control Box, Eggman claims that he was after the treasure all along. When Sonic and Jet open the treasure box, Eggman begs them to hand over the treasure, Sonic and Jet cleverly grin at each other and gave him the treasure, which was a magic carpet, Eggman was disappointed since he thought that the treasure was not valuable, so he passes out. He can be unlocked to play as by completing the Babylon story line.

In Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, Eggman uses robots from MeteoTech to collect the Ark of the Cosmos, something which Jet was after. But unfortunately for Eggman, the robots actually have their own program, to go amok after the Ark of the Cosmos. Sonic and Jet find Eggman guilty but Eggman claims that their craze after the Ark of the Cosmos is not his fault. In the end of the game, when Eggman finds out that the world is doomed because of Master Core: ABIS, a formation of MeteoTech, Eggman says "The world is doomed!" and escapes.

File:Eggman is the king.png

In Sonic Free Riders, he held the World Grand Prix again but this time besides Team Heroes vs. Babylon Rogues, there are two other teams like Team Dark and Team Rose. He seems to have undergone a change in his look, as in the beginning of the game, when he announces the Grand Prix, he seems to be dressed as a king.

The Secret of IfritEdit

In Sonic Rivals 2, he makes Shadow and Metal Sonic team up for his attendances. And anonymously becomes Rouge's client to collect the Chaos Emeralds. As Rouge doesn't know who her client is, she seems to look for him throughout the game. In the game, Eggman seems to know something about Ifrit and tells Shadow that Ifrit may destroy the world by eating Chao. As Shadow is aware of it, he tries not to tell anyone about it.

Sonic and Tails find one of Eggman's pages on Ifrit and shows the pages to Eggman to explain, Eggman who was shocked to see how did they find these pages, fails to explain and runs off.

The Sultan: Good or Evil?Edit

In Sonic and the Secret Rings Eggman plays the role of King Shahryār of Persia, seen after the Sand Oasis stage. He has recently been attacked by an unknown entity and he mistakes Sonic for the attacker. A bird-like spirit kidnaps him and attempts to drop him off a cliff. Shahryār tells Sonic to save him. Sonic, unsure of what to do, stands still until King Shahryār drops and catches his collar by the tip of his shoe.

A Villain Redeemed?Edit


Dr. Eggman appears once again as the main villain of Sonic Colors. In the game he creates Dr. Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park, which is an amusement park that has five planets chained together to the main park. He had announced that he made the park for people to enjoy and to show a remorse of his past deeds. Sonic, however, doesn't believe this, and goes to the amusement park. Sonic is right, Dr. Eggman is up to an evil scheme. He is capturing Wisps so that he can take their Hyper-go-on energy, and turn it into negative energy that powers a Mind Control Ray in order to take over the universe.

Eggman pretends that he has he has turned over a new leaf, but that couldn't fool Sonic one bit. He send out many robots to destroy Sonic, but in the end they just get trashed by the hedgehog. He has used 5 generators to link all planets together; however, that was the only thing Sonic knew, so he thought that releasing all of the chained planets would end Eggman's scheme. When Eggman tries to fire the cannon, the energy backfires due to Rotatatron's robotic arm, which was stuck inside cannon. Eggman challenged Sonic to beat him as he was using the negative hyper-go-on energy to power a giant robot called the Egg Nega Wisp. Sonic manages to beat him and Eggman ends up getting sucked into the black hole created when the negative energy backfired.

After the credits, Eggman had survived the black hole and is seen helplessly stranded in space with Orbot and Cubot, Cubot was celebrating that he got his voice back and kept on talking. Eggman wished for a moment of silence, but Cubot would not stop talking.

Three Eras, Two Doctors, One Master PlanEdit


Modern and Classic Dr. Eggman are the main villains in Sonic Generations.

After the events of Sonic Colors, Eggman found a strange creation in space that could erase time and space, and decided to use it to erase his past defeats. He left Orbot and Cubot stranded in space and went with the creation to travel in time. However, he needed another genius to control this creation and, during the game's story, he kidnapped his past self after the Death Egg battle. Later, Modern Eggman tried to destroy Sonic himself using a new Egg Dragoon prototype in the Sonic Unleashed timeline, but he failed and got away using the creation.

At the beginning of the game, this creation, named Time Eater, travels to Green Hill, causing a white fade while Classic Sonic looks on in wonder. Then Time Eater travels to the present to ruin Modern Sonic's birthday party by kidnapping all of Sonic's friends and sending them to different time holes to bait his traps. Sonic could not stop him and finds himself in the White Space. Later, he meets up with his past self and ends up teaming up with him in order to save his friends and fix the time stream.

Near the end of the game, both Sonics and both Tails find out about the Time Eater's true origin when the doctors reveal themselves and their plan, intending to dispose Sonic from time. Early in the battle both Sonics are unable to stop the doctors' creation, but after transforming into Super Sonics and enduring the intense battle, both doctors are finally defeated once again and all the characters return to their world and time.

After the end credits it is shown that both Eggman got stuck in white limbo and are unable to get out. After arguing whether or not they would ever win, they finally concluded that they could not because of Sonic. Classic Eggman decided that he would instead pursue his "teaching degree" after these events, to which Modern Eggman agreed. It is unknown what happened to them after that moment or if they could ever escape from the limbo, or if their plans to pursue teaching degrees were serious or humorous.

Other Game AppearancesEdit

Besides the main game series, Dr. Eggman has appeared in several other games than the 2D and 3D platform games as well, such as Sonic Drift, Sonic Drift 2, SegaSonic Cosmo Fighter etc., or appearing as a cameo such as in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

The Bad Guy After MedalsEdit

Eggman is a playable character in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. He is a Skill player, despite his rather large size, and he's also unusually fast. However, Dr. Eggman is lacking in power, and his stamina isn't that strong either.

He is also a playable character in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, in the DS version, he conspires with Bowser to steal all of the Snow Spirits so that it will never snow in Vancouver. However, Mario and Sonic team up and defeat their scheme. Dr. Eggman appears once again as a Skill type playable character in Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

File:Dr robotnick all stars racing.jpg

Sports With Sega CharactersEdit

Eggman is a playable character in Sega Superstars Tennis as a power type character.

He is also a playable character in Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing. His vehicle is the Egg Monster, which is a modified Eggmobile, and his All-Star Move is "Missile Madness" which causes the Eggmobile to transform into a flying machine that fires missiles at his foes.

He reappears in the sequel, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, this time driving what could be a redesigned Egg Monster. In this game, he is unlocked after clearing all Mirror Grand Prix with podium finishes or by clearing all normal GPs with Podium finishes in the 3Ds version., also unlocking Expert difficulty.


Eggman is a short-tempered, loud, pompous and cruel evil genius who is constantly planning to take over the world. However, his plans have always failed thanks to Sonic and his allies. Despite his intelligence, Dr. Eggman is horribly immature, throwing temper tantrums when Sonic throws the proverbial wrench into his plans, and, at times, seems to overlook crucial details in his plans, such as in the opening sequence of Sonic's story in the 2006 video game when he orders his robots to fire on Sonic while he is escaping with Princess Elise, failing to realize that they could possibly injure or kill Elise if they land a direct hit on Sonic and overlooking Dark Gaia's immature release in Sonic Unleashed. An example of his immaturity is in the ending of Sonic Unleashed, when Orbot begins to insult him over his constant failures and calls him a loser; Eggman screams "Oh, shut up!!", attempts to kick him only to comically fail, and then chases him through the desert.

Eggman is also very arrogant and narcissistic; possessing an unhealthy and psychotic belief of self entitlement of controlling the world and beyond and constructs countless technological wonders in his own image to fuel his massive ego. His plans to create the ultimate utopia, the Eggman Empire, are always in full swing, and he does not care where to start it -- in the end, he plans for it to encompass all of Earth. His abominable laughter and maniacal declarations contrast his self-professed softer side as a romanticist, feminist, and gentleman. Despite his and Sonic's constant feud, he has secretly developed a begrudging respect for the hedgehog. Although Eggman is a villain, he helps Sonic and co. when the world is at stake - though the reason is always because he knows there would be nothing left for him to conquer if the planet was destroyed.

File:Eggman profile.png
Eggman has never shown a willingness to do good or help others without it serving his own ends in some shape or form. While displaying a comical disposition later on in the series, he is quite clearly a cruel minded and brutal man who will use any opportunity presented to him to fuel his self-serving desires, even if that means exploiting worldwide catastrophes to obtain power and dominance. From abducting transforming animals into robot armies, to leading large scale attacks on a terrorist level, Eggman's numerous crimes and exploits continuously transition into more destructive ramifications. He never acknowledges the results of his actions such as the pollution from his fortresses and strongholds that poison the surrounding environments or the ruins that are left from his own attacks on various cities and lands. His exploits have led to numerous tragic events, such as Chaos flooding and utterly destroying all of Station Square and Dark Gaia nearly consuming the whole planet.

However, despite his desire for world domination, Eggman does have a human side, and does not appreciate senseless destruction, tormenting and killing from other individuals and forces who are beyond his control. In Shadow the Hedgehog, he is shown to be disgusted and shocked at the thought that his own grandfather would sacrifice his own people for the sake of research and aid the Black Arms. This demontstrates that even if Eggman does not mind causing chaos and destruction, he ultimately knows that there is a line that others should not cross and was afraid his grandfather did so through betraying humanity and aiding a species that wanted to eliminate the human race.

While this seems contradictory towards Eggman's previous exploits of joining forces with other creatures bent on destruction, it seems that he still wishes to paint his grandfather in a positive light as he was his hero in his childhood. This more humane side to the doctor is shown in full force at the end of Sonic Adventure 2, where he has an honest and genuine conversation with Tails about how much he adored his grandfather, questioning the actions of his fallen idol and wondering if he intended to destroy him as well.

Despite this, Eggman seems to have no problem in committing senseless killing and destruction as long as he is the one in control of the forces doing so. It would seem that the doctor is so bent on authority, that he refuses to let other forces destroy his planet unless they are under his complete control. This is shown when Chaos betrays Eggman and floods all of Station Square, an action that Eggman had planned Chaos to do from the very beginning regardless of the beast's betrayal against him, but refused to allow his rampage to continue as Chaos was no longer under his control. Additionally, in Sonic Adventure, he launched a missile deep into the heart of a heavily populated Station Square to utterly destroy it, even if that meant killing himself, as a twisted form of revenge and victory over Sonic after his plans to use Chaos to dominate the planet failed. In Sonic Adventure 2, his desire for destruction appears at its height as he laughs insanely at the Eclipse Cannon's impending firing at the planet, which would have had devastating effects to billions of lives, until his grandfather's true operations were activated. He also admits that had he had the chance to use the space colony ARK to collide with Earth, he would've done so a long time ago, showing admiration towards his grandfather's mad projects.

In Sonic Unleashed, there is a possibility, realistically speaking, that he murdered millions when reawakening Dark Gaia by splitting the planet itself apart. However, the effects of the quake in relation to the earth's populace is never touched upon and avoided as a critical plot point within the context of the story. According to his PA announcement in Sonic Colors, his park can be considered a lethal weapon in itself as most of the rides lead to horrifying and agonizing deaths and circumstances should anyone ride them. Lastly, in the beginning of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), he orders his robots to launch numerous missiles at Sonic with no regard for any that may be caught in the crossfire. Regardless of how many lives may or may not have been lost to Eggman's various schemes, the evil scientist clearly demonstrates a complete disregard for all life, even his own on occasions, as well his own creations, and will go to any means necessary as long as his goals of destroying Sonic and his friends, conquering the planet, and establishing his empire are met with full success.

Eggman also has a tendency to always escape at the last minute, even as all his creations and machines crumble and blow up around him. No matter how close Sonic appears to be finally catching the villain and putting him out of commission, the doctor always has an escape plan, which ironically enough, are the only plans he can formulate that Sonic has been known to fail in foiling, making it nearly impossible for both individuals to defeat the other for good, making their battle a never ending one.

Ultimately, while not openly violent and ruthless, Eggman is still a highly brutal and amoral villain with an insatiable lust for power, dominance, and, since meeting Sonic, revenge. His countless plans and operations have left numerous areas, lands, and even planets in ruins and threatened the welfare of not just the entire planet of Earth, but time, space, and the universe itself. While still harboring a more humane side and displaying comical undertones, Eggman's ruthless and violent nature can still be seen throughout the series. His uncompromising persistence shared with his appetite for authority and control fuel the conflicts throughout the entire series and guarantee that Sonic will always be needed to stop him.



Eggman's most well known ability is his masterminded plots and schemes which only fail due to Sonic and his friends. He is a remarkable scientist and engineer, as evidenced by the armies of robots he's created. Eggman is an incredibly skilled pilot: able to swoop missiles and lasers in his Eggmobile with skill rivaling that of Tails.[2] Eggman has also shown some considerable physical strength.[3] This is hinted in Sonic Riders, where Eggman could break stone pillars and even statues with just as much ease as Knuckles or Storm, and in Sonic X where he is shown smashing metallic equipment with brute force. Despite his physical structure, Eggman is also very athletic; this is seen in many of the 16-bit era games, where there is almost always a point where Sonic chases him; despite his weight and Sonic's speed, he always manages to outrun his nemesis (one time he outran a speeding truck) long enough to reach his next escape vehicle or weapon. This trait of agility is carried on in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games and Sega Superstars Tennis. He also has a special sensor in his glasses that allows him to locate Chaos Emeralds. Jokingly, as an in-gameplay mechanic, it is also said that he is faster in running speed than Sonic himself as he always manages to escape his grasp. Although it has been proven, it is unknown if he can consistently outrun Sonic, since he is almost always in his Eggmobile.[4]

SegaSonic continuity (video games)Edit

File:Sonic Adventure Eggman.png

The original Dr. Robotnik appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog, with a black pants/shoes suit, a red shirt with two downward yellow triangles on it (usually interpreted as a cape, but sometimes a collar in artwork), a pair of white gloves, and of course, dark blue, clip-on-to-nose, one-way sunglasses (which he doesn't need to see with). The official continuity gives no real official origin for Robotnik, but it is known that Sonic is Robotnik's arch-enemy, always out to stop the Doc's schemes. Even so, as mentioned above, Robotnik is willing to help Sonic in certain occasions, like when Gemerl was affected by the Chaos Emeralds, or when Prof. Gerald Robotnik's Space Colony ARK was going to crash into Earth. Although Eggman has appeared mostly as the enemy, he's also been playable in games like Sonic R, Sonic Riders, and Sonic Adventure 2. Dr. Robotnik is rarely the final boss in his post-Sega Genesis appearances, often being either betrayed by his own allies or upstaged by a third party and forming temporary alliances with Sonic and the gang when his plans spiral out of control. In Sonic Unleashed, he is once again the primary antagonist, but is ultimately betrayed by Dark Gaia. This time around, he doesn't team up with Sonic's crew in order to stop him (possibly because he was sent flying away by Dark Gaia's power and Sonic and Chip were the only two fighting Dark Gaia at the moment). Recent games starting with Sonic The Hedgehog 4, however, has had Eggman becoming the final boss, to the point of even (& finally) being able to control powerful monsters, like the Time Eater.

Naming VariationsEdit

File:Sonic1 us manual 02 03.gif

Although the character was designed as Dr. Eggman in Japan since the original Sonic the Hedgehog, he instead known as Robotnik in Western countries. The name Ivo Robotnik[5] was invented by Dean Sitton. The first name 'Ivo' was picked primarily because of the phonetic similarity to the word 'evil'[6] (some drafts of the unpublished Sonic Bible also specify that it should be pronounced "ee-vo", rather than "eye-vo" as it is usually pronounced in English) but also because Sitton's sister at the time had a boyfriend from Croatia named Ivo. In addition, Ivo is the reverse of ovi, which is the genitive singular form of the Latin word ovum, meaning egg. The term robotnik had been coined earlier as a worker or automaton.[7] Other names were also thought of by Dean Sitton, like Mister Badwrench, Mr. Bad Year, Fatty Lobotnik and Dr. Badvibes. Eggman was officially referred to as Doctor Ivo Robotnik on Page 2 of the US version of the original Sonic the Hedgehog instruction manual (as shown in the image), as well as officially licensed media (such as Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Comic).

Despite this, the name "Eggman" can be found in the sequel's Wing Fortress Zone, as well as Sonic Drift 2 and Sonic the Fighters. In turn, the "Robotnik" moniker occasionally reached Japanese shores, such as in Robotnik Winter Zone of Sonic & Tails 2 and the banners decorating Spring Stadium Zone in the Sega Saturn edition of Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island. It wasn't until Sonic Adventure that Sega of America decided to merge the two names together; this resulted in Eggman being his alias and Robotnik being his true last name. This was subsequently confirmed to be the case by Yuji Naka in an interview, adding that Sonic was probably the first person to give him the name Eggman (though not maliciously).[8] Since Sonic Adventure, he has mostly been known in America as "Eggman", with the use of the name "Robotnik" becoming rare. However, it should be noted that in the English version of Sonic Adventure, only Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy explicitly call him Eggman, and in the English version of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood he briefly refers to himself as Dr. Robotnik, while in Sonic Adventure 2 he calls himself Eggman as does every one else (even though "Robotnik Empire" appears in the background along with "Eggman Empire" during his demonstration of the ARK's Eclipse Cannon and two of his relatives are present in the game, both using Robotnik as their last name). In the Japanese-produced Sonic X, he calls himself Eggman. He now refers to himself as Dr. Eggman in all games and media. Although a nod to his names is found in Sonic Generations when Classic Tails refers to Classic Eggman as Dr. Robotnik, Classic Eggman claims that "nobody calls me that anymore". This joke is not present in the Japanese vocal track.


Sonic the HedgehogEdit

Template:Quote Eggman has many enemies throughout the series, but his arch-nemesis is none other then Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic always thwarts the doctor's evil plans for world domination and there is a great hatred between the two, but somehow they get along at times. Despite this, Dr Eggman has teamed up with Sonic at times mostly whenever the planet is in danger by a greater force. Two examples being in Sonic Adventure 2 when he helps to stop the ARK from crashing into Earth, and Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) where he aided the heroes in locating the Chaos Emeralds. In addition, in Last Story of Shadow the Hedgehog, shortly after Sonic tells Shadow to give him the Chaos Emeralds instead, Eggman says "Don't give them to Black Doom!", implying that he at that moment was even willing to let Shadow potentially supply the Emeralds to Sonic if it ensured that they didn't go to Black Doom instead.

Sonic seems to tease Eggman a lot. This is the likely cause of Sonic giving him the nickname "Eggman," due to his body shape being an obvious target for criticism. While Sonic usually treats Eggman with playful disregard, Eggman generally views his enemy as either an annoyance or a threat. It is rare that he will ever taunt Sonic back, unless he holds the proverbial cards.

Eggman, ever prideful, maintains a facade that his concern is only for world domination and not Sonic's death, although there are times, such as in Sonic Heroes, when he will directly challenge him. As players approach the end of the games, Eggman refers to Sonic in increasingly threatening ways and places greater priority on stopping him. Eggman has made eliminating Sonic his second goal under world domination.

Although part of a different continuity, the early Sonic canon shows Sonic and Eggman as once being good friends, a side of them that's never seen in the games.

Its is an obvious fact that Eggman grudges on Sonic, but in the Sonic Simulator Missions of Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, Eggman says, "Now that's the Sonic I know! They don't call you the fastest in the land for nothing."

Miles "Tails" ProwerEdit

Tails was the only person to have ever been able to match Eggman because they are both mechanical geniuses and was his direct rival over the course of Sonic Adventure 2. After that it seemed as if their rivalry had watered down, possibly because they had to work together. Once again, in Chronicles, they had to work as allies, but this time they shared a mutual respect for each other, because they were both respected geniuses. As of now though, Tails is the second greatest threat to Eggman's desire for world domination (the first being Sonic, of course).

Knuckles the EchidnaEdit

The two were once partners, until he tricked Knuckles, then subsequently electrocuted him so that he could snatch the Master Emerald. Ever since, Eggman has become the one person that Knuckles can't trust at all, yet still seems to fall to victim to his plans, especially if Sonic's involved. However, Knuckles has gotten better over this over the years and is more aware of Eggman's tricks. Eggman more or less sees Knuckles as a threat because he helps Sonic foil his plans and is friends with his nemesis.

Eggman NegaEdit

In the Sonic Rush series, the counterparts become partners to create their own Eggmanland, Sonic has even mistaken Eggman Nega for Dr. Eggman and thought that it was just a silly new disguise. However, in the Sonic Rivals series, they both are enemies. This was ever since Eggman Nega turned Eggman into a card.

It is likely that their friendship fell apart at the end of Sonic Rush Adventure when Eggman Nega nearly blew up the earth against Eggman's wishes. It is also possible that there might be two different Eggman Negas, as the original Rush version maintains that he is from the Sol Dimension, whereas the Rivals version shows that he is Eggman's time-displaced descendant. It could also be possible, however, that the Sol Dimension is actually the distant future of Sonic's world.

Shadow the HedgehogEdit

Since Shadow was created by Eggman's grandfather, Eggman was after Shadow because he was stated as the "Ultimate Lifeform". When he released Shadow from his capsule, he thought that Shadow was Sonic, but then he realized that the hedgehog merely looked like his rival.

In Sonic Adventure 2, everyone was shocked when they realized that Shadow was created to kill everyone on Earth, even Eggman himself. He also ordered Shadow to work for him, steal all seven Chaos Emeralds, and to keep Sonic out of the way so that he wouldn't foil his plans.

But after Sonic Adventure 2 Eggman seems to have a dislike for Shadow, and told Shadow not to disturb him in Sonic '06. However, he depended on Shadow to eliminate the Black Arms in Shadow the Hedgehog. In the Sonic Rivals series, Eggman turns to Shadow for help in defeating Eggman Nega, although they still appear to be enemies whenever Eggman is the villain.

Orbot & CubotEdit

Eggman created Orbot to wait on him hand and foot in Sonic Unleashed, but Orbot has gained a personality of his own, much to Eggman's annoyance. The two tend to argue with Orbot winning, therefore, Eggman will do something like smacking him. And at the end of Unleashed, Orbot still continued to insult Eggman and his blunders, until Eggman finally snapped and chased him off into the sunrise.

In Sonic Colors, Eggman is slightly more annoyed with Orbot and, therefore, gives him more work to do. In response, Orbot will act sarcastic and, like in Unleashed, seize any chance to insult him. Orbot's counterpart, Cubot had his voice chip malfunctioned and adapted to cowboy and pirate accents throughout the story, also much to Eggman's annoyance At the end of Colors, Eggman is seen ordering Orbot and Cubot, to push his Egg Mobile after it lost power, while he's safe and comfortable inside although throughout the trip, Cubot was excited to have his regular voice and began talking non-stop which also leaves Eggman exasperated. The official Sonic Colors website and manual also states that while Orbot obeys Eggman faithfully, he doesn't like him very much while Cubot, on the other hand, likes Eggman but tries to get out of doing any work.

In Sonic Generations, it is revealed that Eggman apparently abandoned Orbot and Cubot in space after discovering the Time Eater.

Gerald RobotnikEdit

Eggman and Gerald Robotnik had not been known to interact with each other, although Eggman had immensely respected his grandfather, who likewise acted as the reason why he desired to become a scientist. However, his respect for his grandfather was shaken somewhat after learning of Gerald Robotnik's desire of destroying all life on the planet via a collision course from the Space Colony ARK due to insanity caused by grief from Maria's death. His trust was even further decreased when he learned from Black Doom that his grandfather had sold out the Earth to the Black Arms in exchange for completing Project Shadow, although he regained most of his respect for his grandfather when he learned about Gerald's intention of wiping out the Black Arms with the Eclipse Cannon.





Appearances In Other MediaEdit

Television Series and MovieEdit

Adventures of Sonic the HedgehogEdit

Main article: Doctor Ivo Robotnik (Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog)

This version of Doctor Robotnik was a dictator who desired to conquer Mobius with the help of his badnik creations, Scratch and Grounder, although he always failed.

Another one of his badniks is named Coconuts. Doctor Robotnik demoted Coconuts to sanitation duties.

Sonic the Hedgehog (Animated series)Edit

Main article: Doctor Robotnik (SatAM)

Dr. Robotnik was a heartless, diabolical tyrant who had already conquered most of Planet Mobius. He was good-natured, up until he became power hungry. His plans of conquering Mobius was assured except for the Freedom Fighters, led by Princess Sally and Sonic the Hedgehog. Unlike in Japan's continuity, the antagonist was only known as "Dr. Robotnik", with no hint of his first name, until later in the series where it was retconned to Julian

In the SatAM cartoon, Robotnik's Doomsday Project was heavily foreshadowed during the second season, and series ended with Sonic overthrowing his rule but left on a big cliffhanger.

Sonic the Hedgehog: The MovieEdit

Main article: Doctor Robotnik (Movie)

Sonic UndergroundEdit

Main article: Doctor Robotnik (Sonic Underground)

Doctor Robotnik appears in Sonic Underground as the tyrannical "leader" of Mobius. After Queen Aleena the Hedgehog gave birth to three young hedgehogs, the Oracle of Delphius appeared to her, reporting of Robotnik's takeover, thus, the three hedgehog were separated.

The tyrant hires two bounty hunters named Sleet and Dingo numerous times in order to capture the hedgehogs.

Sonic XEdit

Main article: Doctor Eggman (Sonic X)

Dr. Eggman was born on Earth II, but got somehow flung into Sonic's world. By mistake, he and Sonic and co. arrive there, meeting, among others, Chris Thorndyke. Eventually they had to go back to their world because the alternate universes containing the planets were fusing together, and would only stop if Sonic and co. leave. In the third season his role as the main villain is taken over by the Metarex.


Archie ComicsEdit

Main article: Robotnik Prime

Dr. Robotnik was a heartless, diabolical tyrant who had already conquered most of Planet Mobius. He was good-natured, up until he became power hungry. His plans of conquering Mobius was assured except for the Freedom Fighters, led by Princess Sally and Sonic the Hedgehog.

In the Archie Comics, the original Robotnik was instead destroyed and his Empire was taken over by a roboticized version of him from another zone, who subsequently took the name Doctor Eggman.

Sonic the ComicEdit

Main article: Doctor Ivo Robotnik (Sonic the Comic)

Ivo Robotnik was created during a laboratory accident involving the goodly scientist Ovi Kintobor, a rotten egg and the Chaos Emeralds. During the series he managed to send Sonic forward in time by six months, during which time he managed to conquer Mobius. Sonic and his friends formed a group of Freedom Fighters with the aim of overthrowing him, of which they eventually did which caused Robotnik to lose his sanity.

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