Robot carnival

Robot Carnival|ロボットカーニバル|Robottokānibaru}} is a group of sentry robots and the first enemy gauntlet in Sonic Heroes. Dr. Eggman (Neo Metal Sonic in disguise) flies around in the Eggmobile and cannot be attacked.


The difficulty depends on the Team selected. If the player plays the stage with Team Dark, Eggman "reveals" to Shadow that he has no past to remember, assuming he's a Shadow Android. Team Sonic, Team Dark and Team Chaotix fight twelve waves of robots while Team Rose fight an easier eight waves.

This boss is notably easier for Team Chaotix, due to their Team Blast, Chaotix Recital, which adds rings for every enemy destroyed on the field. The rings allow the move to be performed again. The same applies for Robot Storm.


  • After defeating this boss, Eggman says "Don't get too excited, boys", regardless of if the team has female characters.