Sonic overdrive

Sonic Overdrive is Team Sonic's Team Blast from the game Sonic Heroes.

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The move consists of Knuckles throwing Tails, who spins to gain momentum, and kicks Sonic, who attacks surrounding enemies multiple times. While the gauge is resetting, jumping and pressing the attack button as Sonic allows for a weaker version of the Team Blast called the Light Speed Attack, which destroys all enemies. When Tails is the leader, he causes the Light Speed Attack by kicking Sonic into the air. During the final boss, each team member, under Super Transformation, performs the same attack as Sonic.

This move bears a great resemblance to an attack used by Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles to defeat Metal Robotnik.



  • This move can also be used to destroy blocks that only power characters can destroy.
  • If you use Sonic Overdrive just before you destroy the first airship on Egg Fleet, the entire screen will turn black and you won't be able to perform any actions, such as jumping and attacking. The game will return to normal once you fall off the stage.
  • There is a glitch known as "Power to Flight Formation" in Sonic Heroes. If this glitch is performed, and then Sonic Overdrive is used, Sonic will fly up high into the sky, possibly never coming down.
  • In a very rare instance, performing this move while on the main platform in the section of Hang Castle that required the player to perform a section with each member of Team Sonic, may cause Sonic to fall into the bottomless pit and continue to fall for a few moments. After a while, Sonic will appear on the platform with nothing wrong.