Super Silver
Super Silver
Background information
Video games Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Sonic Generations (Cameo)
Designer Sonic Team
Personality serious, kind, caring
Voice Pete Capella
Inspiration Sonic the Hedgehog
Cause of transformation Chaos Emeralds
Powers and abilities psychokinesis, supersonic Speed,Enhanced Chaos Powers, Light Speed Movements, Enhanced psychokinesis, Virtual invincibility, Flight, Enhanced super strength, Augmented Power, Enhanced acrobatic skills and reflexes

Super Silver|スーパーシルバー|Sūpā Shirubā}} is the Super State of Silver the Hedgehog. So far, his first and only appearance was in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). In the game after the final level, after being revived, Sonic transforms into Super Sonic and shares his power with Shadow the Hedgehog and Silver the Hedgehog. The three manage to defeat Solaris together.


Following the traditional Super State, visual changes to Silver while in this form include a bright golden-yellow color replacing his normally white fur, and his mane becomes a darker yellow color that floats up behind his head. Like Super Sonic and Super Shadow, he has ruby red eyes and his quills float, but with only his two back quills pointing up. The teal glow on his gloves, cuffs and boots turns into a bright yellow color as well, and he gains a golden aura.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

While in his Super State, Silver possesses the standard abilities of the common Super State. He now has the ability to fly without the use of Psychokinesis and is invincible towards all attacks, except from the attacks belonging to the strongest beings in the series, such as Solaris. He has also gained an exceptional increase in speed, matching the speed of Super Sonic and Super Shadow and can as well perform dashes to quickly get around while flying. His reflexes are also improved, allowing him to keep up with his upgraded movements and those of his enemies. Though it is never shown, it is safe to assume that Super Silver has increased strength as well, since most characters have increased strength while using super transformation.

The power of Silver's psychokinetic abilities has also been increased, allowing him to use "Shield of Light", where he creates a large shield of telekinetic energy, which can stop all projectiles within the radius and can then throw them back a great distance.

While in his Super state, Super Silver has also gains free access to various Chaos Powers, such as Chaos Control.

Like most other Super States, Super Silver's weakness is that he needs rings in order to maintain his own Super State. If he runs out of rings, he will instantly revert to his normal form.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "I'll take care of this!" - Super Silver, when switching to him during the fight with Solaris.
  • This is the end! Prepare to meet your doom!" - Super Silver when facing Solaris.
  • "The root of all our problems... I will defeat you, Solaris!" - Super Silver, during his fight with Solaris.
  • "Good luck, Sonic!" - Super Silver when it becomes Super Sonic's turn to fight Solaris and when Super Sonic is fighting Solaris.
  • "Hey, you're running short on Rings! Use the Triangle/Y button to switch with me!" - Super Silver when Super Shadow is running out of rings.
  • "I will protect the future!" - Super Silver when attacking Solaris in the future.
  • "Is it over?" - Super Silver, after defeating Solaris for the first time.