Team battle

Team Battle are boss fights from the game Sonic Heroes that are fought between pairs of playable teams. There are two separate battles, in which the four teams pair up in two different ways. |game = Sonic Heroes |level = Power Plant (1)
Lost Jungle (2) |description = Fights between pairs of playable teams. |previous = Egg Hawk (1)
Egg Albatross (2) |next = Robot Carnival (1)
Robot Storm (2)}}


These six-character showdowns take place within the Grand Metropolis/Power Plant and the Frog Forest/Lost Jungle areas. The objective of the battle is to throw the opposing team off of the field. The player only has 30 seconds to get an "A" rank. In this Team Battle arena. There are a total of nine Power Cores; three blue, three yellow, and three red in the team battle 1 while there are 3 power cores; one of each in team battle 2 outside the arena in the item balloon.

Team Battle 1 (Team Sonic vs. Team Rose/Team Dark vs. Team Chaotix)Edit

  • When Team Sonic completes the Power Plant level they surprisingly meet Team Rose, Amy mentions that if Sonic loses the team battle he then unwillingly has to marry her, as on the support side are Knuckles and Tails and for the other team are Big and Cream.
  • As Team Dark make it to the top altitude of the Power Plant, they encounter Team Chaotix. Rouge accuses them of trying to steal "her" treasure while Espio believes that they are their client's adversary, so a fight begins.


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Team Battle 2 (Team Sonic vs. Team Dark/Team Rose vs. Team Chaotix)Edit

  • Team Dark stops Team Sonic because Shadow was shocked that there was another hedgehog who had similar appearances and traits, therefore Team Sonic was wondering how Shadow was actually alive (Reference to Sonic Adventure 2). So Rouge mentions that they lost all of their hard work as her Team will beat them to it. As Omega warns them they start a fight.
  • Meanwhile, Team Rose and Team Chaotix meet each other in the jungle. Vector wishes to ask Amy a question but she automatically assumes he wants to date her and interestingly tells him to wait another time. Vector becomes flustered by this and calls her a brat. Espio then demands that they hand over Cheese to them because they believe that he's a Chao that they were ordered to protect. Cream then believes that they are the ones that took Chocola and that they want to take Cheese too. A fight ensues due to a misunderstanding shortly afterward.


During these Team Battles, each formation can be countered with a different formation that has the available moves that are most effective against that particular formation.

Effective Counter Formations
Enemy Formation Counter Formation
Speed-Formation Power- Formation
Power-Formation Flight- Formation
Flight- Formation Speed- Formation