Team blast

A Team Blast is a special power move in Sonic Heroes that allows teams to perform powerful moves that destroy all enemies on screen. It also has an after-effect on the team that used it. |1st_app = Sonic Heroes |user = Team Sonic
Team Dark
Team Rose
Team Chaotix |description = Allows teams to perform powerful moves that destroy all enemies nearby; also has after-effect

Team SonicEdit

Main article: Sonic Overdrive

Team Sonic's Team Blast is called the Sonic Overdrive.

Knuckles swings Tails and Sonic around into the air, and then releases Tails. While mid-air, Tails kicks Sonic further into the air and Sonic bounces around the area at astounding speed. After the move, Sonic can perform the Light Speed Attack on nearby enemies, and using Sonic with the Thunder Shoot ability gives a similar effect until the bar empties.

Team DarkEdit

Main article: Chaos Inferno
File:Team Dark2.png

Team Dark's Team Blast is called Chaos Inferno.

When activated, Shadow pulls out a Chaos Emerald and performs Chaos Control. Rouge lifts Omega off the ground, and Omega spins his torso while shooting a powerful laser blast attack from his arms to destroy all the enemies in the area. Time will stand still until the Team Blast bar empties. All enemies that survived the Team Blast or appear after it was performed will be frozen, but any closed doors will remain closed, fans will not produce any air current and poles activated by switches will not move.

Team RoseEdit

Main article: Flower Festival
File:800px-Heroes TeamBlastRose.png

The Team Blast for Team Rose is called the Flower Festival.

Big spins Amy and Cream around on his umbrella and Amy and Cream finish with a cheerleader-type move. Meanwhile, Cheese spreads flower petals over the immediate area which destroys all enemies. After the move, all members of the team will level up, the leader will gain a barrier and become invincible until the Team Blast bar empties.

Team ChaotixEdit

Main article: Chaotix Recital

The Team Blast for Team Chaotix is called the Chaotix Recital.

Espio and Charmy play instruments while Vector sings into a microphone. During the attack, all enemies in the area will be destroyed and the team will gain 5, 10 or 20 rings for each enemy that is destroyed. Enemies destroyed while the Team Blast bar is resetting will also give the team rings, which goes towards recharging the Team Blast after it resets.

Team Super SonicEdit

Main article: Super Sonic Power
File:Team Super Sonic1.png

The name of the Team Blast for Team Super Sonic is unspecified, but by fans it is referred to as the Super Sonic Power. This move can only be used on Metal Overlord, which is also the only stage with Team Super Sonic, and is also the only Team Blast without an after-effect on the team.

Super Sonic, Tails and Knuckles (with a Super Shield around the two) gather to form a triangle shape and their respective icons form behind them. Then, they release a barrage of Homing Attacks on Metal Overlord.